silicon metal 553 manufacturers

As the discribe of silicon metal manufacturers Industrial silicon refers to a silicon content of 98.5% or more, according to the content of impurity iron, aluminum and calcium (in order) can be divided into 553, 441,3303,2202, etc. Among them, the silicon metal 553 represents that iron content is less than or equal to 0.5% , aluminum content is less than or equal to 0.5%, and calcium content is less than or equal to 0.3%. The silicon metal 553 can be divided into oxygen and no oxygen, the oxygen silicon metal 553 refers to introducing the oxygen in the process of producing silicon metal, remove some impurities such as aluminum and calcium which are easier to combine than silicon with oxygen, then to improve the quality of silicon metal.It is always used to add into the aluminum, increase the mechanical properties, strength and hardness of aluminum.


China is the main silicon metal 553 manufacturers in the global world, in 2007, the total production of silicon metal of China was 95~100 million tons, and the consumption of silicon metal domestic reached 250,000 tons, moreover, in recently years, the demand of silicon metal in China is also increasing, and the proportion of domestic consumption in total output is also increasing. The production capacity of silicon metal in China is relatively large, the silicon metal manufacturers mainly concentrated in Guizhou, Yunnan,Fujian, Guangxi, Sichuan and Hunan. The metallurgical grade silicon metal 553,441 has a wide distribution area, mainly in Guizhou, Hunan, Sichuan, Yunnan,Guangxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, etc, and among them, Guizhou is the most important production province of silicon metal, with production accounting for 15%~35% of national production.

Industrially, silicon metal 553 is manufactured by reducing silicon dioxide from carbon in the electric furnace, chemical reaction equation: SiO2+2C → Si + 2CO, the purity of silicon is 97%~98%, then smelt it and recrystallized, using the acid to remove the impurities and obtain the silicon metal in a purity of 99.7% to 99.8%. The silicon metal produced from China is mainly in 98.5% of silicon content, mainly for metallurgical silicon. The production of chemical silicon metal (silicon content is mainly 99.85%) has been mainly developed since the mid-1990s, from a global perspective, the consumption of silicon metal for metallurgy is more than that for chemical silicon, but with the development of science technology, chemical silicon metal is widely used in the fields of silicone and semiconductor production, and widely used in the production of silicone monomers and polymer silicone oils, silicone rubber,silicone building anti-corrosion, waterproofing agents, etc.

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