recarburizer suppliers

As the professional recarburizer suppliers for more than 10 years, Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy Co.,Ltd would like to share more knowledge about recarburizer with you. 


The recarburizer suppliers always divided the recarburizer into several types like artificial graphite such as graphitized petroleum coke, calcined petroleum coke, anthracite. The main material of graphitized petroleum coke is the powdered high quality calcined petroleum coke, adding the asphalt as binder, then add little other materials, then graphitize after all kinds of raw material prepared, its called graphitized petroleum coke.Through the graphitization in high temperature, the content of ash, sulfur and gas can be greatly reduced. As the recarburizer suppliers know, the petroleum coke is a widely used recarburizer, it is a by-product of refined crude oil, the residual oil and petroleum asphalt obtained by atmospheric distillation or vacuum distillation of crude oil, both can be used as the raw material to make the petroleum coke, then through the coking to obtain the raw petroleum coke. The impurity contents in the raw petroleum coke is high, so the recarburizer suppliers said that it can not use as recarburizer directly, must be calcined first, it can reduce the moisture, sulfur and volatile.

As the recarburizer suppliers, all of them can provide the graphitized petroleum coke in fixed carbon 98.5%min, the content of sulfur 0.05%max, and the content of nitrogen 300PPM;can provide the petroleum coke in fixed carbon 98.5%, the content of sulfur 0.5%max, the content of nitrogen not promise. We Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy Co.,Ltd can also supply the above types, what is more, there is one new type of recarburizer for your choice, the columnar graphite recarburizer, the fixed carbon 90% or 95%min, the content of sulfur 0.08%max, and the content of nitrogen is 500PPM, the effect to add carbon is not bad than the graphitized petroleum coke and petroleum coke.

For the usage of the recarburizer, the recarburizer suppliers said, for the electric furnace, the recarburizer should be placed together with charge such as scrap steel etc, small doses can be added to the surface of molten iron,however, it is necessary to avoid feeding large quantities into the molten iron to prevent excessive oxidation causing the carbonization effect not obvious and the carbon content of castings insufficient. As the professional recarburizer supplier we suggest you to choose the pure carbonaceous graphitized material, then reduce excessive impurities in pig iron, if you have more confused, welcome for your consult.