ferrosilicon export market of china

From December 14th to 18th , 2020, the domestic ferrosilicon market has gradually stabilized this week. The mainstream price of the factory is 72# ferrosilicon of natural blocks 6100-6300RMB/T EXW quotation, 75# ferrosilicon of natural block 6600-6700 RMB/T EXW quotation in cash , the price difference between 72# and 75# is large, and the price difference between large and small factories is also relatively obvious. The pace of market transactions is slow, and downstream manufacturers mostly focus on just-needed purchases. Raw materials and freight are still rising, and the cost of the factory continues to rise in the short term. Next year, the nationwide electricity prices will generally fall, and need to pay attention to the new year's electricity price policy at the end of the year.



In terms of export market: According to export manufacturers, foreign customers’ enquiries are active and transactions have improved recently. The current FOB price is 72#1220-1260, 75#1260-1330 USD/ton. The exchange rate changes frequently, the ocean freight is still high, and it is hard to find a counter. The new export policy for 2021 has not yet been announced and is expected to be introduced at the end of the month. Anyang Huatuo Metallurgical will pay attention to it at any time. Prices in Russia and Malaysia remain high. Russia 75# is US$1365/ton, up by US$15/ton from last week, and Malay 75# is US$1350/ton. Malay supply is tight.

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