ferro silicon manufacturers

Ferro Silicon is smelted in electric furnace with the raw material of coke, steel scrap and quartz, it often be used as deoxidizer in steel making, at the same time can flow up a lot of heat when it come to be silica, when deoxidization, it can increase the temperature of molten steel and decrease the energy consumption in steel making. In the production of ferroalloy and chemical industry, can also be the reductant. And as the alloy additive, Ferro Silicon widely used in low alloy structural steel, alloy steel, spring steel, bearing steel, heat-resistance steel and electrical silicon steel, The general type of ferro silicon is 75#,72# and 65# and others as China ferro silicon manufacturers describe.


There are so much more ferro silicon manufacturers in China, but how to choose the factory ? In Henan province, the manufacturers of ferro silicon almost all gathered in Anyang, among these factories, some of them are new, some of them are the traders, if you want to choose the better factory and ferro silicon, the broad-scale and long lasting will be the best, exactly Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy Co.,Ltd is one of the manufacturers meets the both, it have in ferro silicon for more than 20 years, and owe the advanced equipment and technology and professional team, trust will be your good partner.

In recent years in China, because of the strictly environmental protection, it influence all ferro silicon manufacturers, Huatuo Metallurgy is no exception, but not to much, because they always upholding the spirit of “honest management, quality first, mutual benefit”, through this challenge, they get the better development. Of course, in order to encourage the manufacturing and industry to develop, it refer to the VAT reform in the just finished 2019 National Conference in China, it put forward to reduce the tax rate, this is a good news for the manufactures of ferro silicon.