Silicon carbide can also be used as a booster for ferroalloy manufacturers to produce ferrosilicon.

Silicon carbide is a product made by combining quartzite with coke by carbonization by high pressure heating in an electric furnace, but ferroalloy manufacturers not only produce silicon carbide but also produce other ferroalloy products such as ferrosilicon. Ferrosilicon is one of the most energy-wasting ferroalloys recognized by ferroalloy manufacturers, and do you know that silicon carbide can also be used to produce ferrosilicon? And save energy?

The reduction of silicon dioxide in the production of ferrosilicon is a reaction that absorbs a great deal of heat energy, so the need to increase the voltage creates a great waste of energy. Usually, it takes about 1800 ℃ to produce ferrosilicon at a high temperature of 1900 ℃. However, adding a certain amount of silicon carbide can effectively raise the furnace temperature so that the use of energy can be greatly reduced, so the addition of some silicon carbide into the charge can reduce the power consumption.

However, not all ferrosilicon can use silicon carbide to "help" the production of ferrosilicon. For example, ferrosilicon 75 is not effective in the use of silicon carbide, not only can not effectively reduce the energy waste of metallurgical materials, sometimes even increase production costs. In this way, the gain is not worth the loss.

So what kind of silicon carbide can "help" ferrosilicon production? Not all silicon carbide can. Silicon carbide has a high melting point and strong electrical conductivity. After adding strengthened silicon in smelting, the electrode is not easy to stabilize, the furnace condition is difficult to master, and there are more silicon carbide powders, which affect the permeability of the surface of the material, and sometimes the fire is more serious. Therefore, "power" silicon carbide production should be carefully selected to avoid or reduce the introduction of powder.

In the production of ferrosilicon, a certain proportion of silicon carbide can be added in order to reduce cost and energy waste, but the silicon carbide used for "power" production of ferrosilicon should also be carefully selected. Only in this way can the silicon carbide "power" ferrosilicon production.

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