Price of Silicon Metal 97

Affected by market demand, the price of Silicon Metal 97 has recently dropped significantly, and production plants have also indicated that recent orders from old customers have decreased, new customers have basically no enquiries, and export market orders have been delayed, and the price trend is not optimistic. Ex-factory quotations of factories in various regions have declined to varying degrees, and there have also been individual Silicon Metal 97 manufacturers with special content that still offer strong external quotations.

The biggest problem facing Silicon Metal 97 this year is that all industries affected by the global epidemic have stopped production or reduced production, all industrial chains have been negatively affected, export products are subject to certain restrictions, and the parallel relationship between supply and demand has also emerged. Sexual change, so far, does not rule out the risk of unsaleable products in the short term and price decline after the large-scale construction in June, which has brought certain difficulties to the liquidity of production enterprises.

It is understood that the overall production cost of silicon metal in Ningxia and Yunnan areas is relatively high, but in fact the factory implementation of electricity prices has reached historical lows, and the local government will not introduce other concessions and subsidies. At present, the factory factory price of Silicon Metal 97 standard lumps is basically 9000-9100 yuan/ton, the actual delivery price is around 9000 yuan/ton, the low-iron supply is still quoted high, and traders are not actively taking goods recently, but retailers are purchasing quantities Limited, the market sentiment is heavy, and it is expected that the market will continue to decline in the later period, but due to the high production costs of the factory, the decline is limited.

Affected by the spread of the international epidemic, the start of operations of foreign downstream companies has dropped significantly. Although the trade business can be carried out normally, its demand has declined, and export orders have to be delayed or cancelled. Coupled with the jealousy that orders have not yet reached the delivery date, exports in May were slightly embarrassing, leading to an overall decline in exports. Judging from the recent transactions of exporters, the export volume of metal silicon in June is expected to be around 40,000 tons.