553 441 price

Silicon metal also known as crystalline silicon or industry silicon, it is mainly used as an additive for non-ferrous alloys especially aluminum alloys. Silicon metal is a product made by smelting quartz and coke in the electric furnace, the main element of silicon is about 98%, and the remaining impurities are iron, aluminum,calcium, common specifications are silicon metal 553, 441 and so on.



In the past six months, affected by the epidemic situation at China domestic and abroad, the price trend of silicon metal has been unclear, in recent days, the speed of silicon metal factory selling has slowed down. The price has dripped slightly by about 200TMB. The price drop of oxygen-free 553 is particularly obvious. In the case where the downstream consumption capacity has not significantly improved but has shown a downward trend, it is now entering a period of abundant water, many silicon factories in south of China have resumed production and brought more stock of silicon metal to the market. At present, people in the industry believe that the price of silicon metal will continue to decline, the downstream purchase enthusiasm is not high.

At present, the transaction of non-oxygen 553 is scarce, and the lowest level price has reached 9600RMB per ton, while the port transaction price of 441 has fallen to about 10800RMB per ton in China. Factory often say that the price reduction is also difficult to make more order. In may areas, the electricity price is too high, and there has been a significant of loss, with the resumption of production in the southern region, some silicon factories will gradually reduce production.

Silicon metal 553, 441 and other metallurgical grade silicon metal are mainly used as additive for aluminum alloys or products, of which the 553 with the content of silicon is more than 98.5%, the 441 is more than 99%, generally supply in the 10-100mm block, although due to the epidemic situation, foreign production progress is affected, but the resumption of production is a major trend in each countries. For the manufacturers who product aluminum alloys or aluminum products, now the price of silicon metal is competitive in China, if there is a procurement plan, please feel free to consult Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy.