what is silicon slag used for

Silicon slag is a solid residue after alumina extraction by fly ash sintering. The mainstream silicon slag is ferrosilicon slag and silicon metal slag in the market because of main content containing silicon. At present, silicon slag can be used not only for deoxidation in the steel making industry, but also in cement, concrete, calcium silicate board and permeable brick industry. However, due to high alkali content, silicon slag applications are quite limited in the building materials industry. The what is silicon slag used for? Today, we will enjoy knowledge about silicon slag applications for our customers.


Silicon slag as one of ferro alloy can be desulfurized effectively and the effect is satisfactory.  Silicon slag is also a hot sale product in the field of deoxidation. Because of low price and containing silicon element, steel manufacturers are more inclined to silicon slag products when they purchase ferro alloy raw material for steel making. The silicon slag is excellent in desulfurization, the main reason is that the silicon slag contains a large amount of basic oxides, which can react with sulfur dioxide to form sulfates and the slurry can be used for flue gas desulfurization. So what is the desulfurization effect of silicon slag? Experiments show that the desulphurization effect of silicon slag can be as high as 100%. And the duration of 100% desulfurization efficiency is longer than that of limestone slurry under the same conditions. Using silicon slag for flue gas desulfurization not only reduces the emission of sulfur dioxide in the flue gas, but also reduces the alkali pollution during the stacking process of silicon slag. This provides a new idea for the comprehensive utilization of silicon slag.

Silicon slag can be used not only for desulfurization but also for good deoxidation in practical use. Compared to expensive desulfurization and deoxidization, silicon slag is cheap as ferro alloy products with strong advantages. Therefore, more and more manufacturers prefer to use silicon slag as the smelting materials for desulfurization during applications as well as satisfied effect. Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy, as silicon slag supplier, is a professional manufacturer of ferro alloy and metallurgical materials with professional facilities for production of ferro alloys products.