silicon carbide deoxidizer

There are special deoxidizer, alloy smelting process of deoxidizer, hybrid deoxidizer and other products at present. Silicon carbide deoxidizer, because it has a certain reducing cast iron surface strength and deoxidization effect, is widely used in every small and medium sized foundry enterprises.


Silicon Carbide deoxidizer are primarily between ferro silicon and deoxidizer in the middle of the product, and the price is relatively cheap. Moreover, silicon carbide for steel making has silicon, recarburizer, deoxidation, less dust, low phosphorus, low sulphur and easily into the molten steel with high proportion.

Silicon carbide is a combination of silicon and carbon product, the main raw material is quartz sand and stone tar through electric smelting reduction. It is used for metallurgical furnace, LF furnace process, which can be done on diffusion deoxidation white residue. In addition, it is used for converter, electric furnace process, which can be done on the alloy to increase carbon and silicon, at the same time, it also can be used as electric furnace, converter warming agent. In recent years, Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy, as professional silicon carbide suppliers, according to the characteristics of the steel with silicon carbide alloying, develop new silicon carbide product constantly. For instance, Silicon carbide-Si alloy is with high silicon, low sulfur and low phosphorus suitable for alloy steel furnace.

The silicon carbide for steel as deoxidizer mainly uses black silicon carbide the content of carbide 88%, 80% and 75%, and the content of carbide mainly depends on the billet, the production of steel is also different with different requirements. Additionally, the content high and low can not decide the absorption rate of high and low, so the small steel factory or steel enterprises need to choose different content of carbide according to own needs. What is more, we also provide various specifications like silicon carbide briquette, silicon briquette and silicon slag. Welcome to visit our factory to purchase ferro alloy products.