petroleum coke

  • Name: Petroleum Coke

  • Package: Jumbo Bag/Small Bag then Jumbo Bag

  • Size: 1-3mm,3-8mm,0-0.25mm

  • Shape: Powder, Granule, Lump

  • Usage:Carbon Additive

Petroleum coke is a by-product of petroleum refining. It is a coke product converted from crude oil by distillation to separate light and heavy oil, and then the heavy oil undergoes thermal cracking.

From the appearance, it is irregularly shaped, black lumps (or particles) of various sizes, with metallic luster, coke particles have porous structure, the mail element composition is carbon, occupying more than 80%, and the rest is hydrogen, oxygen,nitrogen, sulfur and metal elements.

According to the processing method, it is divided into raw coke and cooked coke. The cooked coke can be also called calcined petroleum coke, is obtained by calcining (1300℃) of raw coke, under the 1300℃ can remove the Volatile matter of petroleum coke as much as possible,this can reduce the hydrogen content of petroleum coke re-products and increase the graphitization.

Huatuo always supply the petroleum coke as carbon additive for gray cast iron,and has in the CPC,GPC etc for more than 10 years, what is more, produce one new type of columnar graphite recarburizer with low sulfur less than 0.5% and carbon more than 98.5%.

The Main Applications of Petroleum Coke as Following:
Mainly used to produce graphite electrodes.
To produce carbon paste products.
Used to produce food-grade phosphorus industry.
Used into the metallurgical industry and calcium carbide etc.
Used as carbon additive for the casting and foundry.

The Spcifications of Petroleum Coke
Model F.C S Ash Moisture Volatile Size
PC 80%-85% 2%max 1.2%max 2%max 10%max 0-0.25mm
CPC 98.5% 0.5%max 0.5%max - - 0-3mm