Fluoride Free Flux Agent

Fluoride Free Flux Agent
  • Name: Fluoride Free Flux Agent

  • Al2O3: 75%min

  • Al Metal: 10% min

  • Size:  10-50nn

  • Usage: fluxing medium
The speed of converter slag formation is the key factor affecting converter efficiency. The lime in the converter is adjusted by the position of the oxygen lance, so that a large amount of iron oxide is produced on the surface of the molten steel to promote the melting of the lime. The ideal slag formation route is the decisive factor that determines the smelting efficiency of the converter.
The new converter high-efficiency slag-reducing agent produced by our company relieves the unfavorable factors of iron oxide to melt lime. The pre-melting process of calcium oxide, aluminum oxide and iron oxide is adopted to produce the new converter high-efficiency slag-reducing agent through ball pressing process.

Due to the pre-melting process used in this product, calcium oxide is pre-melted, and calcium ferrite and calcium aluminate are pre-formed with iron oxide and aluminum oxide, which can reduce the heat required for furnace melting and shorten the melting time. The composite mineral phase formed by iron oxide and aluminum oxide and calcium oxide has a low melting point and fast melting, and can promote the rapid melting of lime in the converter.

This product's alumina content is different from the pre-melting refining agent, and the price is relatively low. The use of this product can reduce the amount of converter lime, and can also reduce the sintered ore powder or other iron oxide flux used in the converter, effectively reducing the converter smelting cost.

This product is a new type of converter slag agent. It uses calcium oxide, aluminum oxide, and iron oxide to pre-melt in a high-temperature furnace outside the converter to achieve the early formation of low melting point compounds of calcium oxide, aluminum oxide, and iron oxide. Provide slag and slag protection. Long-term use can inhibit the foaming of molten steel and is an ideal product for cost reduction and efficiency increase in converter smelting.

Chemical Compositions:
Model Al2O3 Al Metal CaO Size
Fluoride Free Flux Agent 75% min 10% min  10% 10-50mm
Note:  Checmial specification and size can be customized.

1. The main mineral composition of this product is alumina, aluminum metal, and partial calcium oxide.
2. The chemical composition of this product is uniform and there is no component segregation, which provides a guarantee for the rapid formation of converter slag, greatly shortens the smelting time and reduces comprehensive energy consumption.
3. According to customer requirements, this product can be produced by different sizes of slag smelting agent balls, which is convenient for storage and transportation, non-powdering, non-volatile, and can significantly reduce dust pollution in steel plants.
4. The recommended amount of this product is 10 Kg / ton steel.
5. This product can partially replace the use of lime, reduce the use of lime by about 4 Kg / ton of steel, and increase the metal yield by about 0.5-1%.