ferro chrome price

According to statistics, in July, the operating rate of ferro chrome alloy in whole China was 70%, and the production capacity was released by 50%. The output is expected to be 36,000 tons. The number of ferro chrome furnaces that are produced is 26 units.
In July, China's silicon-chromium alloy production increased by 0.5 million tons. A new silicon-chromium alloy plant in Inner Mongolia has a production capacity of about 1,400 tons/month. The located region in inner mongolia has limited electricity, affecting the output of some silicon-chromium alloy plants. Some factories in Shanxi and Qinghai have resumed production this month, and the output has increased slightly.
ferro chrome price

Imported chrome ore, including ferro chrome produced in South Africa, India and Kazakhstan, maintained the original price. High carbon ferro chrome prices are not adjusted. China's mainstream steel mills are organizing a new round of bidding, and the traders have suspended their procurement plans, waiting for the steel mills to bid for the market guidance information. However, due to the late bidding price formula this month, the price will not be announced until next week.
So high carbon ferro chrome price remains at 6200 to 6500 RMB per ton in north China, in north-east China, price is higher at 6500 to 6700 RMB. In east China ferro chrome price kept at 6300 to 6500 RMB per ton.
Recently, the price of chrome ore and ferro silicon rose, and the price of low-carbon ferro chrome price rose slightly. The price increased by 200 yuan. The price of low-carbon ferro chrome currently sold in the mainstream is 11,000-11500 yuan per ton.