ferro chrome nitrided price

Ferro chrome nitrided (FeCrN) is a branch of chromium products, often be used as alloy additive to the production of special steel, it can increase the antioxidant, corrosion-resistance and wear-resistance of the steel. 

After the choice of the market these years, there are just five factories left in China, and among them just 3 factories maintain normal production, but high-grade high carbon ferro chrome and micro-carbon ferro chrome price have fallen, so the production of ferro chrome nitrided is reduced, and the prices of stainless steel and special alloy steel dramatically drop after Chinese New Year, so in order to reduce the cost, it is bound to drive down the price of FeCrN . 

The ferro chrome nitrided is always provided with the content of chrome more than 60%, and nitrogen more than 8%, which is produced in the vacuum resistance furnace with the raw materials of high carbon ferro chrome or micro carbon ferro chrome, which is belong to class B products. It quota based on the Cr 50%, at present, Sichuan,Jilin manufacturers’ main offer of the FeCrN8 is 13500-13600RMB/T (EXW), the manufacturers in Henan main quota 12800-12900RMB/T (EXW), compared with early days the price reduced 500RMB/T more or less. The reason for the price reduction is as followings: Because of the influence of COVID-19, stainless steel terminal demand is blocked, leading to continued decline in stainless steel price, sales of steel products are not smooth,so make the purchase of ferro chrome nitrided not well. However, because the production cost of FeCrN plants in Henan is lower than that of in other regions, in the case of long-term unsuccessful transactions, so make more space to reduce the price.

Anyang Huatuo always supplied the FeCrN8 in lump size, each size do not more than 5kg, the price will be 12800-12900RMB/T (EXW) based on the content of chrome 50%, what is more, can also supply the FeCrN3 with the content of nitrogen more than 3% which is remelting of the class B FeCrN, because the temperature is above 1650℃, so will remove the free nitrogen, so compared with the class B, it will include less content of nitrogen, if you need any types of ferro chrome nitrided can contact us.