the usage of carbide silicon alloy in the steelmaking

As a hot silicon-carbon alloy product, many steelmakers are purchasing it, but few people understand the role of silicon alloy in steelmaking, which makes it difficult and wasteful to use silicon carbon alloy. Today let professional silicon carbon alloy manufacturer Huatuo Metallurgy to introduce the role of silicon carbon alloy in steelmaking it!

No. 1 Silicon-Carbon Alloy has the function of removing the oxide of molten Steel and improving the Purity of molten Steel

In the steelmaking process, oxygen is added to the molten steel, so that the impurities in the molten steel are mixed with oxygen to form oxides to improve the purity of the molten steel. But this can cause the problem of oxide filtration. Steelmakers usually put silicon alloy into molten steel, because silicon carbon alloy can effectively adsorb oxide in molten steel for filtration. 

No.2 silicon carbon alloy has the effect of deoxidization of molten steel

Oxygen in molten steel often causes the problem of low steel hardness in production, so oxygen deoxidation in steel is an important link. The effect and degree of deoxidization directly affect the quality of steel. In the process of steelmaking , iron alloy products such as silicon carbon alloy can be deoxidized and promoted. The hardness and quality have the effect of deoxidizer.

No. 3 silicon carbon alloy has the function of raising the furnace temperature of smelting furnace.

Silicon carbon alloy has the characteristics of high temperature resistance. Adding silicon carbon alloy in steelmaking process of steelmaking factory can effectively raise furnace temperature of smelting furnace, make element reaction of molten steel more thorough, and increase the yield of steel to reduce waste.

No. 4 silicon carbon alloy has the function of reducing the reaction of molten steel

The element of silicon carbon alloy is very affinity in molten steel, so adding silicon carbon alloy in smelting process can effectively reduce the reaction in molten steel, prevent spatter, reduce good concubine, and ensure the safety of smelting personnel.

After we really understand the silicon alloy, we can find that the silicon carbon alloy still has many functions to wait for us to explore, only we know the silicon carbon alloy can better use the silicon carbon alloy as the metallurgical material. The above is the professional silicon alloy manufacturer  Huatuo Metallurgy for you to introduce hope you can learn more about silicon carbon alloy, the effective use of silicon carbon alloy.