the nature of ferrosilicon powder

Ferroalloy is an indispensable alloy in the production and processing of the iron and steel industry, especially the use of ferrosilicon powder has brought a great impetus to the iron and steel casting industry. Huatuo Metallurgical has a lot of practical experience as a manufacturer of ferrosilicon powder. Here is a brief introduction to some properties of ferrosilicon powder.


  We all know that ferrosilicon powder can be used as an alloying agent to produce silicon steel, spring steel, etc. Arsenic can improve the magnetic permeability of steel and reduce the hysteresis loss of transformer steel; it can also increase the hardness and strength of structural steel. Elastic limit and yield point. Ferrosilicon powder is added to cast iron as an inoculant of nodular cast iron to prevent the formation of carbides, spheroidize graphite and improve the performance of cast iron.

   Ferrosilicon powder is widely used in industrial production, including steelmaking, casting, non-ferrous metals and other industries. It is a good deoxidizer. Most steels are deoxidized with ferrosilicon powder alloy. The consumption of ferrosilicon powder is about 0.01% of the steel output. The silicon content in general steel is 15%-0.35%, and the silicon content in silicon steel is 2%-3% or higher.

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