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Silicon Metal 441
  • Name: Silicon Metal 441
  • Size: 10-100mm;others
  • Shape: Powder, Grit, Lumps, Grains;
  • Usage: Metallurgy, Aluminum Casting, Chemical;

Silicon metal 441 as ferroalloy additives is a kind of silicon metal in the steel making industry. Silicon metal is known as industrial silicon in China and crystalline silicon in Russia. Industrial silicon is that silica is reacted to form a solid product with carbonaceous reducing agent containing more than 97% of silicon in a submerged electric furnace. Silicon is a semi-metallic material between metal and non-metal. It has placed industrial silicon production under the management of non-ferrous metals in China.

Specifications of Silicon Metal 441:
Model Chemical Composition Impurity Max=
Si(Min) Fe Al Ca
Silicon metal 441 99.0 0.4 0.4 0.1
size: 10 – 100mm (90%min) or per request

Silicon Metal 441 Applications:

Formulating silicon aluminum alloy

when adding silicon into the aluminum alloy, it can increase the strength of the alloy, the oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. The density and coefficient of thermal expansion become small, the casting performance is good. Meanwhile the alloy casting has high impact resistance and compactness under high pressure.

Making cold rolled silicon steel sheets

Adding silicon into steel, it can greatly improve the magnetic properties of steel, increase the magnetic permeability and reduce the hysteresis and eddy current losses.

Manufacturing high purity semiconductors

Due to its high melting point, god thermal stability large forbidden band width and abundant resources, the technology for manufacturing high-purity silicon is continuously improved. Moreover, integrated circuits and large integrated circuits made by silicon semiconductors have been used in various fields. And the usage of silicon metal 441 is getting more and more bigger.

Making silicone: like silicone rubber, silicone and silicone oil.

Using industrial silicon produces silicone rubber: silicon metal 441 maintains elasticity in the range of -700 C to 2000 C, and it can be used as a high-temperature gasket and cold-proof as well as heating-insulating material.
Manufacturing silicone resin: silicon metal 441 is used in the production of insulating varnish, heat resistant temperature up to 180-2000 C, and producing high temperature coatings.
Manufacturing silicone oil: silicon metal 441 is used in advanced lubricants, polishes, fluid springs, dielectric liquids, and can be processed into a colorless and transparent liquid, sprayed on buildings to waterproof.

Making high temperature resistant materials and other materials

Making silicon nitride (Si3N4), heat resistant, wear resistant and corrosion resistant.
Making coated materials, preventing oxidation.
Siliconizing on the surface of steel parts can improve the corrosion resistance of steel.

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