silicon carbon alloy for foundry

Silicon carbon alloy is the ferroalloy product of smelting metal silicon, which contains abundant silicon and carbon elements. Silicon carbon alloy is often used in casting and steelmaking, and it is also the most commonly purchased metallurgical material. The silicon carbon alloy used in casting can improve the quality of cast iron and the graphitization effect of graphite cast iron. It is a better spheroidizing agent and inoculant.

silicon carbon alloy

Silicon Carbon Alloy

This shows the importance of casting silicon carbon alloys in the production of cast iron, so it can be said that in order to produce high-quality cast iron products, the selection of good casting silicon carbon alloy is the top priority. However, the way in which many people choose silicon alloy for foundry is wrong.

How to select silicon carbon alloy for foundry? First of all, we need to know the amount of silicon alloy we need to produce cast iron, mainly in order to be more targeted in the selection of silicon carbon alloys. At the same time, it is also necessary to try and test samples requested by silicon and carbon alloy manufacturers in order to determine whether they meet the needs. In terms of the scale of the manufacturers, they should try their best to choose those with a longer operating time but a larger scale. Avoid coveting for a while and choose small-scale workshop manufacturers.

And in fact, many of the casting manufacturers do not know the secrets of the silicon-carbon alloy in the selection of the silicon-carbon alloy, so that the occurrence of a plurality of high-price-buying silicon-carbon alloys for low-content casting is caused, so many people do not know how to effectively select the silicon-carbon alloy for casting, By the above method, it is possible to avoid the selection of a high-quality silicon-carbon alloy for casting.

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