silicon carbide powder

The composition of silicon carbide powder is the same as that of silicon carbide. The difference is that their physical state is different. The silicon carbide powder is a powder that finely pulverizes silicon carbide by using an iron alloy device. The use of silicon carbide powder is mainly based on 1200# and 1500#. Since domestic silicon carbide is divided into black silicon carbide and silicon carbide, the silicon carbide powder is also divided into black silicon carbide fine powder and green silicon carbide fine powder.


Silicon carbide powder is mainly used in the abrasive industry. Generally, we have strict requirements for the classification of silicon carbide powder. Firstly, no large particles can appear in the silicon carbide powder, in order to make the product reach international and domestic. The requirements of the general manufacturers are to use the JZF classification equipment to smash and finely grade.

Here we introduce some characteristics of green silicon carbide powder, which is a metallurgical material with green crystal structure. It has high hardness, strong cutting and cutting ability, stable chemical properties, and Mohs hardness of 9.2. The microhardness is 3000--3300 kg/mm2, the Knoop hardness is 2670-2815 kg/mm, and the microhardness is 3300 kg per cubic mm.

Silicon carbide powder is present in the abrasive higher than corundum and second only to diamond. The density is generally considered to be 3.20 g/cm 3 , and the natural bulk density of the silicon carbide abrasive is between 1.2 and 1.6 g/mm 3 and the specific gravity is 3.20 to 3.25.

Some places that the silicon carbide powder needs to pay attention to in the abrasive industry: the content of silicon in silicon carbide determines the hardness of the silicon carbide powder. The size of the silicon carbide particle size largely affects the wire cutting. But the most important is the particle shape of silicon carbide, because silicon carbide is in a free state. The shape change of the cut particles has an important influence on the cutting efficiency and the cutting quality.

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