silicon carbide for steel making

  The primary silicon carbide is a high-carbide iron content iron alloy product. The use of silicon carbide products in the steelmaking process can effectively separate the oxygen in the molten steel to improve the hardness and purity of the steel. The silicon carbide can also be used in casting. As a good inoculant, improving the distribution of graphite to improve the quality of graphite cast iron, the first-class silicon carbide as a leader in silicon carbide is also widely used in the production of various high-quality steel cast iron.


  What is the content of primary silicon carbide?

  The level of silicon carbide can be distinguished for silicon carbide (SiC). The content of ferroalloy in silicon carbide of national standard primary silicon carbide should be greater than 98.5%, and the content of silicon carbide in non-standard primary silicon carbide should be greater than 97%. The national standard and the non-standard first-class silicon carbide market offer are also quite different!

  What are the advantages of primary silicon carbide and other silicon carbides!

  A single dose of silicon carbide has a higher content of silicon carbide than other silicon carbides, which can achieve good results, especially in grinding and polishing. It can effectively improve the deoxidation rate of molten steel and improve the quality of steel in steel making. In the casting aspect, the primary silicon carbide has a good inoculation effect, can effectively promote the precipitation of elements in the raw material for better chemical reaction, and also has a good spheroidizing effect, and can effectively promote the formation of eutectic pellets. It has a good application in the production of ductile iron. When producing graphite cast iron, it can effectively improve the quality of graphite cast iron by placing it into primary silicon carbide.

  The difference between the price of the primary silicon carbide market

  The primary silicon carbide can be divided into national standard and non-standard. The national standard is relatively expensive compared with the non-standard price. The element difference is 1.5% of the national standard relative to the non-standard silicon carbide content. Therefore, the national standard primary silicon carbide is relatively expensive. !

  How is the casting effect of primary silicon carbide steelmaking?

  Because of its high silicon carbide content, primary silicon carbide is favored by many steelmaking foundries, and is widely used in the production of various products. It has played a huge role, and the quality of the products produced is good. Hardness, toughness, impact resistance, wear resistance and other aspects have the irreplaceable advantages of other low-grade silicon carbide, effectively guaranteeing the steel casting effect!

  The higher price of primary silicon carbide is a higher content of ferroalloy products in silicon carbide products, and is widely used in steelmaking and other fields. In terms of use effect, primary silicon carbide has advantages over other low-grade silicon carbide, so it is mainly Used in the production of some high-end precision metallurgical products!

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