recarburizer in steel making

  Steelmaking is a very old topic. Since the ancient people learned to refine the first steel, the steelmaking process renewal iteration continues to this day, and now a new type of graphitized iron alloy product is gradually becoming indispensable in the steelmaking process. The low position is the graphite recarburizer, so how is the influence of graphite recarburizer in the steelmaking industry? The professional graphite recarburizer manufacturer Huatuo Metallurgy introduces you.

  Nowadays, the carbon-reinforcing agent is a metallurgical product that is well-known by the steelmaking manufacturers, especially the rapid modernization of the steel-making industry. The use of graphite recarburizer for steelmaking is also constantly improving. So what is the influence of graphite recarburizers in the steelmaking industry? With the increase in the use of graphite recarburizers, the number of manufacturers of graphite recarburizers in the market has also increased.


  Graphitized recarburizers have high carbon content. After high-temperature smelting, the ash content in the recarburizer will gradually decrease the value of volatiles, thereby increasing the content of fixed carbon in the graphite recarburizer, especially in the steelmaking industry. It is an ideal carbon-increasing material for the manufacturer. As long as the molten iron is melted, the graphite recarburizer is added to the induction furnace according to the proportional requirement, and the content of carbon in the molten iron is fully stirred and adjusted to obtain a stable effect. Thus, the absorption rate of the graphite recarburizer can be better achieved by 90%.

  Through the above explanation of the influence of graphite recarburizer in the steelmaking industry, do you know more about the graphite recarburizer? If you have any questions about the graphite recarburizer, you can consult the professional graphite recarburizer manufacturer. Extension metallurgy solutions, we welcome your advice and cooperation!

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