how to choose high quality silicon carbide

When we purchase silicon carbide, we always worried about choosing the inferior silicon carbide products. According to various kinds of silicon carbide, the applications are also different. And silicon carbide will have a bright crystal that is very beautiful under the light. Then how to choose high quality silicon carbide as well as supplier. Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy will tell you the ways to choose silicon carbide.


According to the silicon carbide color.

Silicon carbide is mainly a carbonized ferro alloy product. The internal element is more SiC. Generally, the higher the content of silicon carbide, the more green the color is. Lower silicon carbide products are gray, silicon carbide content between 50% to 90% is black. Therefore, when we choose the silicon carbide, we can select high quality silicon carbide through the color.

According to silicon carbide qualification.

In order to gain customers’ trust, silicon carbide manufacturer usually carry out quality certification of silicon carbide. So when we purchase silicon carbide, we can check the qualification of silicon carbide manufacturer. The more authoritative the certification authority is, the better the silicon carbide is.

Through the two ways to purchase silicon carbide, we can greatly save time and energy in selecting metallurgical materials. If you have any questions about silicon carbide purchase, welcome to telephone us. Our salesmen will be at your service sincerely. Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy was established in 2001, which is a professional silicon carbide manufacturer. We have professional ferroalloy facilities and complete production line for metallurgical material.