high carbon ferro chrome

High-carbon ferrochrome as a product of large purchase quantity, it is very important to identify the quality of high-carbon ferrochrome, so how to see the quality of high-carbon ferrochrome? In fact, it is not difficult to understand the quality of high-carbon ferrochrome in the process of its production.

In the production of high carbon ferrochrome, the ferroalloy raw materials needed are chromium ores, coke and silica. Sometimes, in order to adjust the slag form, certain amounts of white ash or dolomite are added. The high carbon ferrochrome manufacturers require very high requirements for raw materials and high content of useful elements. Good performance, good granularity, and great energy saving and consumption reduction, so we can look at the quality of high carbon ferrochrome quality from the raw materials.

What are the requirements of high quality high carbon ferrochrome for raw materials?

Requirements of High carbon Ferrochrome for High quality Chromium Ore

The chemical composition requires that the content of Cr2O3 ≥ 38Cr-Fe > 2.2% P < 0.08C is not more than 0.2, and the water content is not more than 18-22%. Physical state, the ore must not be mixed with miscellaneous stones, soil and other impurities, a chromium ore into the furnace diameter of 5-60 mm / 5 mm less than 20% of the total amount.

Requirements of high quality and high carbon ferrochrome for coke

Chemical composition requirements, fixed carbon > 83, ash < 16, volatile in the range of 1.5-2.5%, total sulfur is not more than 0.6, water is not more than 10, including P2O6 not more than 0.04; Physical state requires the addition of 20-40 mm coke particle size, metallurgical materials are not allowed to be too large or too broken, not mixed with soil, impurities, powder.

Requirements of high quality and high carbon ferrochrome for silica

The chemical composition requires no less than 97% of SiO2 and no more than 0.02% of P2O6. The physical state requires the silica surface. The section is not allowed to have soil, gangue and inclusion. If necessary, pick-up, rinse, and silica shall have good anti-explosion property, and the particle size of the silica is 10-50mm.

The requirement of high-quality high-carbon ferrochrome for white ash

The chemical composition requires that the content of CaO is not less than 84%, the content of S is not more than 0.03, and the physical state requires that the limestone must be thoroughly burned, not mixed with raw, overburned lime and powder, impurity and white ash, and that the granularity of limestone must be 10-60 mm.

Requirements of high quality and high carbon ferrochrome for dolomite

The chemical composition requires that the content of CaO is not less than 30% and the content of MgO is not less than 20%, and the physical state requires that the surface and section of dolomite should not contain soil, stones and other impurities, and the granularity of dolomite is 20-50 mm.

High quality and good high carbon ferrochrome fundamentally need high quality raw materials to support. When manufacturers purchase high carbon ferrochrome, they should ask the manufacturers whether they have serious selection of high carbon ferrochrome raw materials, or check the quality inspection report of high carbon ferrochrome. Can quickly pick out the high quality of high carbon ferrochrome, high carbon ferrochrome how to see the quality of good or bad, a minute easy to solve the problem!

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