high carbon ferro chrome introduction

High Carbon Ferro Chrome is the alloy mainly consisted by iron and chrome. Chrome is the one of the most functional and extensive usage elements is steel. It can prominently improve the resistance to corrosion and resistance to oxidation. and is helpful to strengthen the abrasion performance and keep intensity in higher-temperature. In various types of stainless steel, chrome is an essential composition. According to the statistics, in the steelmaking industry, stainless steel production consumes more than 70 percent of chrome's total output. The second place goes to alloy constructional steel,in which the chrome is usually below 3%.

Among the main steel producing countries, the United States, China, and Japan are all in lack of chrome ore. almost completely rely on the import to produce their own ferrochrome. In the proved chrome ore minerals worldwide, South Africa stands first on the list, which shares 70% of total. It is the main chrome ore supplier in international market.  Zimbabwe shares only 1.6% but it has the highest output. Except those two, Turkey, Finland, Brazil, Albania, Iran, India, the Philippines are also main place of origin that supply to global market.

Main Application of High Carbon Ferro Chrome includes:
1. As alloying constituent of Bearing Quality Steel, Quick-Cutting Steel and chisel tool steel, increase the through hardening rate, durability and hardness.
2. As additive of cast iron, high carbon ferro chrome can improve the resistance and hardness, as well as the fire resistance.
3. High carbon ferro chrome can be used as material to produce medium carbon ferrochrome and low carbon cherrochrome.
4. higher carbon ferro chrome can be used as chrome metal.
5. Materials used for production of oxygen blown process stainless steel.

higher carbon ferro chrome