green silicon carbide

The green silicon carbide is made from petroleum coke and high-quality silica as the main raw material. It is added with salt as an additive and is smelted by high-temperature resistance furnace. The crystallized smelt is high in purity and hardness which is between corundum and diamond. Mechanical strength is higher than corundum. Green silicon carbide is suitable for processing cemented carbide, glass, ceramic and non-metallic materials as well as used in semiconductor materials, high temperature silicon carbide rod heating elements and far infrared source substrates.


While the green silicon carbide is brittle so it is formed green silicon carbide powder. The green silicon carbide powder is also green with crystal structure, high hardness, strong cutting ability, stable chemical properties and good thermal conductivity. Therefore, green silicon carbide powder is mainly used for wire cutting of 3-12 inches of single crystal silicon, polycrystalline silicon, potassium arsenide and quartz crystal. It is an engineering processing material for the solar photovoltaic industry, the semiconductor industry and the piezoelectric crystal industry. The density is generally considered to be 3.20 g/m³, and the natural bulk density of the silicon carbide abrasive is between 1.2 and 1.6 g/mm³, the specific gravity is 3.20 to 3.25.

The method of manufacturing green silicon carbide is the same as the way of black silicon carbide, but raw material is needed high purity requirements. And it is also formed at a high temperature of about 2200 ℃ in an electric resistance furnace. The green silicon carbide is green, translucent, hexagonal, and its SiC content is higher than black. The physical properties are similar to those of black silicon carbide, but the performance is slightly brittle as well as good thermal conductivity and semiconductor properties.

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