ferro silicon lumps

Ferro silicon lumps are a common ferro silicon product. For ferro silicon, it it commonly used as deoxidizer in steel smelting and has a good deoxidizing effect. Therefore, ferro silicon lumps are  also favored by many steel industries. The ferro content of the ferro silicon is derived from steel scrap in the charge. According to the requirements of the quality of ferro silicon lumps, ordinary carbon steel scraps are only used during smelting while alloy steel scraps such as stainless steel, high chromium and high manganese steel are not allowed. Therefore, the smelting of ferro silicon such as alloy steel scraps will cause waste. It is also impossible to use iron filings because of its high phosphorus content. Of course, smelting ferro silicon also can not use colored metal scraps such as copper and aluminum and so on. So in order to ensure the quality of ferro silicon, the steel scrap of ordinary carbon steel is allowed for smelting only.


The ferro silicon lumps standard specifies the range of fluctuations in the silicon content of ferro silicon. The correctness of the sampling method of ferrosilicon, that is the representative of sampling, is directly related to the determination of product quality. Practice has shown that ferro silicon lumps should be sampled during the casting process, its silicon content is representative, and the degree of segregation is small. It is not possible to take samples from the ferro port or to take samples from the ladle.

For example, large capacity submerged arc furnace smelting ferro silicon 75 lumps, usually need two castings. In the previous pouring, take one sample between two molds, the second casting, and take one sample between two molds and mix these samples together to make the total samples of the furnace. In fact, ferro silicon lumps are different forms of ferro silicon. It is well know that raw materials of ferro silicon such as coke, silica and steel scrap will also have a certain impact on the quality of ferro silicon lumps.

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