ferro chrome

Ferro chrome is an essential material for smelting special steel and stainless steel. There is no bubble on the uniform surface of good ferro chromesize. It can dissolve in molten steel quickly and chemical reaction is small. Ferro chrome  is an excellent corrosion-resistant ferroalloy product.

Ferro chrome 

What are the advantages of ferro chrome? many manufacturers favor ferrochrome 

What is a ferrochrome ? Ferro chrome  are processed from natural blocks of ferrochrome. The produced ferro chrome needs to be broken and processed into natural blocks. The natural blocks of cracked ferrochrome are between 150mm-200mm and then made into standard blocks through professional grinding. At this time, the standard block size of ferro chromium is 10mm-80mm, the standard block of ferrochromium can be made into ferrochrome by breaking it again, and the particle size of ferrochromium is reduced to 3-10mm.

The advantages of ferrochrome  are favored by manufacturers

The advantages of ferrochrome  are outstanding, not only as deoxidizers in steelmaking, but also as good inoculants and nodulizers in casting, which can promote the morphology distribution of graphite and improve the product quality of graphite cast iron. The price of ferrochrome  is lower than that of traditional ferro alloy products, so many manufacturers prefer to use ferrochrome to achieve the effect of anti-corrosion. After the use of ferrochrome , new steel products are produced. Castings will form a hard protective layer of chromium film on the surface, which can effectively improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the product. In terms of production cost, chromium can be used for a long time because of the low price of ferro chrome . Iron pellet smelting can effectively improve the profits of manufacturers so ferrochrome  are favored by many manufacturers.

Development Prospect of Ferrochrome  and wide use

With the development of stainless steel industry, the purchasing quantity of ferrochrome particles is on the rise year by year. The development prospect of ferrochrome  is self-evident. Now more and more manufacturers begin to use ferrochrome  for smelting. The quality and durability of the products are greatly enhanced. In the future, ferrochrome  will also be used in aerospace, ceramics, electronics and other industries.