dealing of blast furnace gas

Blast furnace gas is a combustible gas produced by the blast furnace of ironmaking process. The high-pressure blower blows the air and enters the blast furnace after being heated by the hot blast stove. This hot air and coke assist combustion to produce carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. The carbon dioxide and the hot coke produce carbon monoxide. The carbon monoxide reduces the iron in the iron ore during the rising process, making it into pig iron, at this time, there is still a large amount of excess carbon monoxide in the blast furnace gas, this mixed gas is called blast furnace gas, this gas containing flammable carbon monoxide is a low-calorie gas fuel that can be used for self-use gas of metallurgical enterprises, such as heating hot rolled steel ingots, preheating steel bag, etc.



Characteristics of blast furnace gas:

(1)There are many non-combustible components in blast furnace gas, but less combustible components (about 30%), and low calorific value, generally 3344-4180KJ/standard meter.

(2)The blast furnace gas is a colorless and odorless gas, which is extremely poisonous because the Co content is high.

(3)The combustion speed is slow, the flame is long, the coke is small and lower.

(4)When heating the coke oven with blast furnace gas, the dust in the gas is large, and it is easy to block the padroom plaid.

(5)Safety specifications are set to 1 meter, air CO content can not exceed 30mg.

There is high dust in blast furnace gas, dust removal efficiency requires 99.96-99.99% to make the emission requirements, and thus need to be multi-stage dust removal, because of high carbon monoxide content in the furnace, the purification system should pay attention to the furnace leakage, anti-ignition, explosion-proof.

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