calcined petroleum coke

Calcined petroleum coke is one type of coke product, which is produced by the green petroleum coke under 1300℃, then will make the volatile matter, moisture and other impurities less. For the green coke, the carbon content is more than 80%, and the volatile matter can reach 11% more or less, after the high temperature, the carbon content can reach 98.5%min, and the volatile matter will be much less than 11%.



For the steel-making and foundry industry, the calcined petroleum coke can be used as carbon additive to increase the carbon content as requirement, it generally be used into the gray cast iron, because of the sulfur content is 5% more or less. Compared with the calcined coal, calcined petroleum coke is with high carbon content, but compared withe graphite petroleum coke, it is with high sulfur content, so we can choose the proper carbon additive according to the carbon and sulfur content. For the low sulfur content carbon additive like GPC, it can be used in both of the gray cast iron and ductile cast iron, but for the high sulfur content like CPC, it can just be used in the gray cast iron.

For graphite electrodes for steel-making or for anode pastes (melt electrodes) for aluminum and magnesium,in order to adapt the petroleum coke (green coke) to the requirements, the green coke must be calcined,the calcination temperature is generally around 1300 degrees Celsius, the purpose is to remove the volatile of petroleum coke as much as possible. After this process can reduce the hydrogen content of petroleum coke re-products and increase the graphitization of petroleum coke, therefore, the high temperature strength and heat resistance of the graphite electrode are improved, and the electrical conductivity of the graphite electrode is improved. The calcined petroleum coke is mainly used to produce graphite electrodes, carbon paste products, corundum, food-grade phosphorus industry, metallurgical industry and calcium carbide, among which graphite electrodes are the most widely used.

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