briefly introduction the stability of SiAlBaCa in the steel making process

Silicon Aluminum Barium Calcium is a good steel-making material for steel manufacturers. It itself contains silicon, aluminum, barium and calcium and other elements. The largest quantity use of steel is the steel industry. The main role of SiAlBaCa is used to replace expensive deoxidier in the process of steel making. Then how about the stability of silicon aluminum barium calcium in the steel making process. Professional SiAlBaCa manufacturer and supplier will introduce for customers.

SiAlBaCa contains sufficient calcium and silicon that have good affinity. Calcium has strong affinity with sulfur and nitrogen. So SiAlBaCa is better desulfurizer. While the silicon element has the function of deoxidation and combines with the oxygen in the molten steel to become a good deoxidizer in the process of steel making. Meanwhile the SiAlBaCa in the molten steel has small reaction and no splash advantages.

In sum up, the SiAlBaCa has good stability in the steel making process and is an ideal deoxidizer and desulfurizing agent for steel-making enterprises. Silicon Aluminum Barium Calcium can also produce high quality steel and special steel. Therefore, the purchase of SiAlBaCa is large in the ferro alloy market.