black silicon carbide lumps grain

In industrial production,silicon carbide lumps usually use quartz,petroleum coke etc as raw materials,auxiliary recovery materials,waste materials and are prepared through grinding and other processes to form a charge with a resonable ratio and a suitable particle size(in other to adjust the permeability of the charge, and an appropriate amount of wood chips must be added,if produce the green silicon carbide lumps need to add appropriate amount of salt). The thermal equipment for production silicon carbide lumps is at a high temperature in the special silicon carbide electric furnace, the structure is composed of the furnace bottom,the end wall with electrodes on the inside,the detachable side and the furnace core (full name:the energized heating body in the centerof the furnace, generally use graphite powder or petroleum coke to install in the center of the charge according to a certain shape and size, generally round or rectangular, the two ends are connected with electrodes), and the silicon carbide lumps smelted through crushed, acid-alkali washed, magnetic separation and sieving or water separation to make products of various particle sizes.



According to the content of SiC, it can be divided into the Level 1,Level 2, Level 3, the content of silicon carbide for Level 2 is 90%~95%, it can not be used for the abrasive, always be used for foundry, the content of silicon carbide Level 1 is not less than 96%, it always be used as abrasive, the silicon carbide lumps after classification, coarse crushing, fine crushing, chemical treatment, drying and sieving, magnetic separation, it becomes green or black silicon carbide grain of various sizes, if want get the silicon carbide micro-powder need the water separation, if want to form a silicon carbide product, it also needs to go through the process of forming and sintering. The Level 3 silicon carbide is mainly used in the steel-making as deoxidizer, also can add the silicon and carbon, it always use the black silicon carbide grain for the steelmaking, and the size various for different requirement, generally from 5-50mm can all be produced, the content is from 40% to 90%, generally the 70% and 88%, 90% content in the particle size 1-10mm silicon carbide is for the steelmaking.

Anyang Huatuo can supply the black silicon carbide lumps and grain for the casting and steelmaking with the content of SiC 65%,70%,88%,90% etc. In the steelmaking, compared with traditional deoxidizer silicon powder and carbon powder, silicon carbide is one new type of compound deoxidizer , it can shorten the deoxidation time, save energy, reduce environmental pollution etc.