application of ferrosilicon powder in cast iron

Ferrosilicon powder is used in a variety of industries because of its many advantages, and the most widely used is the steelmaking industry, but what we are talking about today is not the application of ferrosilicon powder in the steelmaking industry. But another industry where ferrosilicon powder is widely used is the cast iron industry.

Cast iron is a new smelting industry. Compared with iron and steel, cast iron has the characteristics of low price and durability. Now cast iron is also growing in size, so the cast iron manufacturers have gradually increased. But in the process of producing cast iron, iron must be prevented from forming carbides in order to promote graphite precipitation and spheroidization, and ferrosilicon powder can be used as a ferroalloy product for this kind of application. It can be suspended when smelting cast iron. It is an ideal product to improve the quality of cast iron and the profit of the manufacturer because of its low price compared with the metallurgical material used in traditional cast iron.

Through the introduction of the application of ferrosilicon powder in cast iron, we may not have thought that ferrosilicon powder has such rich applications in other industries besides the steelmaking industry. We only have a detailed understanding of the application of ferrosilicon powder. We can expand the use of ferrosilicon powder, better use of ferrosilicon powder this ferroalloy products, if you do not understand the place welcome to consult professional ferroalloy manufacturer Huatuo Metallurgy we will be dedicated to your service.