The Recarburizer Merits and Demerits

Carburizers have been widely used in some steelmaking industries, but with long-term applications and process changes, carburizers have also shown many problems in many aspects. Adding a carburizing agent to the molten iron can remove impurities contained in the molten iron, but once used, it will crystallize.

1.Advantages of proper application of carburizing agent

 The purpose of adding a recarburizer in the smelting process is to increase the carbon content, which can better increase the graphitization expansion, thereby reducing the occurrence of shrinkage and shrinkage of the casting. Of course, it also has an important effect on the recovery of magnesium. In addition, the use of carburizing agent increases the carbon content of the molten iron, which can improve the ductility of ductile iron and is conducive to shrinkage. After a large number of experiments, it is concluded that the content required to produce high-quality castings is c% + 1 / 7si%> 39%.

2.The disadvantages of excessive use of carburant

If the amount of recarburizer is too much, the phenomenon will occur: graphite balls will be affected. In addition, in the production process of thick-walled castings, the eutectic composition will be exceeded, and flower-like graphite will be produced which is a big test for the casting quality.