Silicon-aluminum-barium calcium

 Silicon-aluminum-barium calcium is a kind of iron alloy material, which also has a strong deoxidizing effect. It plays a very important role in the steel making industry and can smelt high-quality steel. Although, silicon-aluminum-bismuth calcium has won the recognition of many users by virtue of its own advantages, and is widely used in the production of various steels. But everyone only knows that silicon aluminum barium calcium has a certain deoxidation effect, which can improve the quality of steel by purifying steel liquid. But the more specific information is not too well understood. For such a situation, our company will briefly tell you about the role of silicon aluminum barium in the steel industry.


     The bismuth in the silicon aluminum barium calcium effectively reduces the vapor pressure of calcium in the steelmaking temperature range and increases the solubility of calcium in the molten steel. Compared with the silicon-calcium alloy, the silicon-germanium-calcium alloy is added to the molten steel as a calcium source, and even if the amount of calcium added is half of that of the silicon-calcium alloy, the calcium content in the molten steel is about twice that of the silicon-calcium alloy. Calcium is also upgraded in molten steel. It fully shows that barium effectively protects calcium in molten steel and reduces the oxidation of calcium, thus achieving the purpose of treating calcium in molten steel.

     The deoxidation effect of silicon aluminum barium can make the distribution of inclusions decrease in area, and the inclusions grow up and float faster than aluminum deoxidation; the number of inclusions can be made lower at a lower level; In the form of debris, the spheroidization of inclusions is obvious; it can refine ferrite grains, improve the impact toughness and processing properties of steel, improve the fluidity of molten steel, and prevent nozzle clogging. The use of silicon aluminum barium calcium for deoxidation of molten steel can reduce the steelmaking process (can replace the application of various deoxidizers), improve product quality and reduce production costs.

 I hope that you can clearly understand the role of silicon aluminum barium in the steel industry by interpreting the above information. If you are engaged in the steel production industry, after learning about the role of silicon aluminum barium in the steel industry, you also want to buy and apply silicon aluminum barium calcium. Welcome to contact us. Our company has been engaged in the production and sales of silicon aluminum barium calcium for many years. In addition to providing you with high quality silicon aluminum barium calcium, we can also provide you with more information about silicon aluminum barium calcium.