Magnesium Chloride Made for Magnesium Ingot

Magnesium chloride is a chloride that is widely used in metallurgy, chemistry, machinery and other industries. It can be used to make refractory materials and various magnesium salts. However, there are still many friends who know little about magnesium chloride. Next, the manufacturer of high-purity magnesium ingot will tell you what is magnesium chloride.

1. Magnesium chloride is a chloride, chemical formula MgCl2, colorless and deliquescent crystals, these are typical ionic halides, easily soluble in water. Magnesium chloride can be extracted from brine or seawater. There are usually 6 molecules of crystal water, but when it is heated to 95 ° C, the crystal water is lost. When it is above 135 ° C, it starts to decompose and release hydrogen chloride (HCl) gas.

2. It is an important inorganic raw material in the chemical industry. It is used to produce magnesium products such as magnesium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, and magnesium oxide. It is also used as a raw material for antifreeze. In the metallurgical industry, it is used to produce metal magnesium (made by melt electrolysis), liquid chlorine, and high-purity magnesia.

3. In the building materials industry, it is used to produce light building materials such as fiberglass tiles, decorative boards, sanitary ware, ceilings, floor tiles, magnesia cement, ventilation pipes, anti-theft manhole covers, fire doors and windows, fire boards, partition boards, artificial marble, etc. An important raw material for high-rise building supplies.

4. In other fields, it can be used as food additives, protein coagulants, snow melting agents, refrigerants, dustproof agents, refractory materials, etc. Tofu made with brine (magnesium chloride aqueous solution) is more tender and delicious than tofu made with gypsum. In life, it can be used to make mechanical packaging boxes, triangular cushions and furniture. It is a good material for "substituting soil."