High-purity Magnesium Ingot Market

For those of us who are often in contact with high-purity magnesium ingots, high-purity magnesium ingots have become one of our daily topics. High-purity magnesium ingots have been widely used in our daily life, such as automobile manufacturing and instrument manufacturing, so Mg99.98% high-purity magnesium ingot Is it suitable for market needs?

1. Mg99.98% high purity magnesium ingot is widely used. Not only can it be made into alloys, but also Mg99.98% high purity magnesium ingots, magnesium wires, magnesium particles, etc. Greatly improved the production and service life of Mg99.98% high purity magnesium ingot.

2. Magnesium is a more important non-ferrous metal and lighter than aluminum. It can be a high strength alloy with other metals. Magnesium alloy has the characteristics of light weight, high specific strength and specific rigidity, good thermal conductivity and good corrosion resistance. It is easy to recycle by combining resistance with good damping and damping, electromagnetic shielding performance and processing performance.

3. Lightweight structure, high rigidity and impact resistance, good corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity and electromagnetic shielding, good non-combustibility, poor heat resistance, easy to recycle. Widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, mobile communications, metallurgy and other fields.

4. Mg99.98% high purity magnesium ingot is mainly used as a fire extinguishing principle, because the reaction between magnesium and oxygen is strong. Commonly used magnesium alloys are non-combustible, and are especially suitable for steam turbine parts and building materials to avoid instantaneous combustion.