Feeding Method In the Recarburizer Furnance

The operation method of the recarburizer is different. The effective application of the recarburizer can improve the actual effect of the product and the quality of the product. The furnace capital investment method of the recarburizer application can be suitable for the smelting application of the induction heating furnace and adjust the carbon agent. The utilization ratio is also relatively high. The following recarburizer manufacturers tell you what is called the furnace input method:

Carburizing agents are suitable for smelting applications in induction heating furnaces, but the actual applications vary according to the processing process regulations. In the medium-frequency induction furnace smelting application of carburizing agent, can be added to the middle and lower positions of the heating furnace with the material according to the formulation or carbon regulations, the utilization rate reaches about 95%.

If the carbon content is not enough to adjust the carbon time-sharing chart, first clean the slag in the furnace, add a carbon replenisher, according to the temperature of the molten iron, electromagnetic induction mixing or manual service mixing to melt and digest the carbon. The utilization rate can be around 90%. If the ultra-low temperature carburizing process is selected, that is, only a part of the remelted waste is melted, and under the condition that the molten molten iron temperature is low, all the carburizing agent is added to the molten iron at one time, and the solid remelted waste is not used to press it into the molten iron Its exposed molten iron surface layer. In this way, the carbon content of the molten iron reaches about 1.0%. The method of investing in the recarburizer in the furnace can increase the utilization rate of the recarburizer, and the actual effect of iron carbon recarburization is also better. It is a good way to add forging recarburizer.

According to the contents of the left and right, different types of recarburizers belong to their own different characteristics. According to their own characteristics, the effective use of recarburizers reduces the cost of castings, which can exceed the idealization. The actual effect of carbon increase.