AD Powder in steel making

   AD powder is a new ferroalloy product that summarizes the development of high-functional steel and environmentally friendly green refining during the transformation and development of the steel industry. It can be used as a deoxidizer to remove free oxygen in steel during initial steelmaking, and it can be masked by slag immediately. Blocks air on liquid surface. It is beneficial for absorbing and removing impurities, reducing the total oxygen of the product, suitable for the purification of pure steel, and reducing the impurity of oxides in steel.
 AD powder has the application range of the ductility and polishing function of advanced steel, and the product yield is high. It is also the first choice for refining clean steel and pure steel. Together, it is also a very obvious slag-forming material. The slag-making speed is fast, it turns white in 15 minutes, and it has a good desulfurization and desulfurization effect. No fume and dust outburst during operation to ensure clean casting processing space.  
 AD powder has a range of application of deoxidation and composition essence, uniform particle size, maintained between 15-50mm, hardness reaches a single particle bearing weight of 75 kg, the main is to investigate the uniformity of various contents of aluminum slag balls, generally by mixing Strongly restricted aluminum slag balls, all kinds of physical and chemical abrupt changes in content are uniform and stable, common use effect, not showing buoyancy, together with AD powder in the molten steel refinement requirements of different steel types, the appropriate amount of metal aluminum content can ensure different steels Purification requirements to avoid excessive addition of metal aluminum to unnecessary cost burden on steelmaking  
 Under the normal conditions of iron and steel, cement, coal, and three industries to reduce production capacity and propose energy saving and consumption reduction, the development of environmentally friendly casting auxiliary materials has become an urgent task for the iron and steel industry. AD powder balls are the preferred cost for powderless and dust-free steelmaking auxiliary materials. It has gradually begun to be used in converters, electric furnaces and other ladle refined technologies, and the sales volume of shopping malls is on the rise.  
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